Dressing Your Kids for the Winter Season


Only people who do not live in winter conditions love the season—the snow and the freezing weather. For many people who live on the East Coast, for example, winter can be a nightmare. If you have kids, it gets even worse. Can you imagine bundling up your kids every day to get out and buy a carton of milk from the grocery? And don’t we all look like puffer balls with our whole body covered in a down-filled jacket?

There’s a way for your kids to be fashionable even in the dead of winter. Invest in quality clothes such as Spyder girls’ ski jackets so that they’ll look super cute even if you have to pick up the laundry when it’s -10 degrees outside. There are tips and tricks on the best way to dress your kids for this weather.


kids in cold snow

The base layer is the most important piece of clothing that you’ll wear during winter. Your body perspires all the time, even in winter. But in winter, your sweat can literally kill you. So you need to invest in a base layer that will wick away the moisture and perspiration while keeping your body heat in. Cotton is not the best material for this because it absorbs moisture. Your base layer will feel damp and cold. That’s pneumonia in the waiting.

The best material is wool because it wicks away moisture and keeps your body heat. Many people don’t want wool because it’s prickly, but experts said that 100% quality wool is soft to touch and not itchy at all. It’s the best insulator against cold because it’s odor-resistant and offers UV protection.

The mid-layer should be made with fleece or wool again. Invest in a good-quality jacket that is lightweight because it traps your body heat within. Again, cotton materials are not your best friend during cold and wintry days.

Finally, the outer layer is where you can go a bit stylish. This is the only thing people will see on your kids. Your best option is a down-filled jacket with a hood, a zip that covers up to the neck, and elastic bands around the wrist to prevent air from coming in. Whatever brand you choose, make sure that it is made of quality material that won’t easily tear or break. Oh, and they should be waterproof, too.


The bottoms are important, too. Generally, your kids should wear wool leggings and waterproofed pants or ski pants. Make sure to buy good-quality bottoms for your kids. You should also think about how they’re going to pee in the pants you buy for them. If it takes too long to remove the pants, it might not be the best option for them.


socks for cold weather

Again, invest in accessories made of good-quality materials. For gloves, they should be waterproofed because kids are going to want to play in the snow. And remember that snow is water. Their fingers will get frostbite if they play with snow with thin gloves or with their bare hands. Their socks should be made with wool, too, because their feet may get sweaty for playing in the snow.

If you are going to travel to a winter city for the first time, ask your friends who have been there for recommendations. Read as much as you can about the different materials. Don’t get pulled in by aggressive advertising. Choose the best for your kids.

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