Get These 7 Electronic Products for Improved Productivity and Organization

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Today’s fast-paced world that is heavily reliant on digital technology requires devices that help organize things and ensure optimum productivity. These gadgets are now considered essential and not mere whims, given the benefits that they offer to consumers.

Here are seven electronic products that you can purchase for organization and productivity purposes:

1. Personal digital assistant.

Personal digital assistants (PDAs) have been around for quite some time. These handheld organizers can be used to store contacts, send emails, manipulate documents, and perform other productivity and organization tasks. PDAs are typically connected with a personal computer, a functionality that appeals to millions of digital-savvy individuals and business owners. While PDAs are now not as common as they once more, there are still such devices that you can find being sold online. If you happen to know someone with a defective PDA, you can buy it for a cheap price and then simply look for shops that repair PDA and you’ll have a fully functional organizer and productivity device in no time.

2. Portable scanner.

If you often work away from your desk and you need to scan documents and send them immediately via email or store them in the cloud, then a portable scanner the size of a rolled-up magazine is a must. There are products such as the Doxie Go that you can take anywhere with you so you can scan receipts, photos, and documents on the fly. It doesn’t need a PC to work (it’s called a standalone device) and it has a built-in rechargeable battery that could last for up to 400 scans in a single charge.

3. Wireless flash drive.

We are by now familiar with wireless chargers, especially when talking about the newer smartphones. But, have you heard of a wireless flash drive? While it’s been around for a good five years or more, not a lot of consumers know that such a revolutionary device exists. As it works wirelessly, it’s technically an electronic gadget with some awesome features. With it, you can wirelessly access files and share the same to up to three devices at once. It works even without an internet connection and of course, without wires. It’s the perfect portable storage device if you’re a big fan of wireless technology.

4. ChargeWrite+.

You might as well call it the Swiss Army knife of digital productivity. The ChargeWrite+ is a power bank, an external storage device, and a pen. It’s one of those eccentric devices that solve multiple needs in one unique and interesting package. If you hate carrying separate power banks, pens, and portable hard drives, then this is the product that would make you smile.

5. Sentio Superbook.

It’s hard not to fall in awe and love with a device that magically transforms an Android smartphone into a laptop. The Sentio Superbook just happens to be the highest-funded hardware Kickstarter ever, which is enough testament to the appeal it has on millions of digital nomads. The device works with a proprietary app that offers a full laptop experience that can last for up to eight hours of continued use. It features an 11.6 HD display, full keyboard, and reverse charging capability for USB-C and some Micro-B android devices. It’s the perfect electronic gadget for those who can’t afford a laptop or just want a novelty item that can help their productivity even when armed with just an Android device.

6. Smart desk.

There are smartphones, smart bulbs, and smart speakers. And then there are smart desks. These game-changing office productivity items may not look like an electronic device in the strict sense of the word, but they have Qi wireless charger, USB ports, surge protector, and outlets. The height can also be adjusted electronically, thus qualifying them as electronic products. Several manufacturers offer these revolutionary products, so you just have to do some window shopping to find the one that perfectly suits your needs. And before one forgets, it’s an office desk with plenty of storage space to help you organize your essential work items such as an external hard drive, power bank, notebook and pen, and the like.

7. ZeroLemon Extreme Charge Station.

Another big Kickstarter hit, the ZeroLemon Extreme Charge Station is a powerful device that supports fast-charging for multiple devices simultaneously. Among its cool features are USB-C and USB-A ports, 10W Qi wireless charging, 135W full-speed charging capability, and 3W AppleWatch magnetic charging. It’s the perfect all-around charging station for those with multiple devices needed for optimum productivity.

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If you’re someone who leads a busy life looking after personal and business matters, then you should invest in certain electronic devices to serve as your digital assistants.

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