2020 Trends in Digital Marketing: What Your Business Should Consider

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Two years ago was the big push towards digital marketing for your company. Through the help of a digital marketing firm in Utah, SEO principles were incorporated that revamped your website. Your social media presence also became more prominent through the aggressive use of ads.

It’s now 2020, and the business community is again abuzz with predictions on how companies can gain a competitive edge by adopting the latest developments in technology and marketing approaches. At the top of the list of possibilities to choose is artificial intelligence or AI. Are there other digital marketing strategies and technologies your business should consider this 2020 and beyond? The following discussion looks into some options for your business.

It’s Still Around Digital Marketing

You probably won’t be getting the K5 security robot from Knightscope just yet. Powered by artificial intelligence, K5 now patrols the parking lot of tech giant Microsoft and transport service company Uber. But artificial intelligence takes root in digital marketing as well through chatbots. And observers believe that this AI representation in digital marketing will be crucial in enhancing customer experience.

Beyond AI

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AI is at the top of the list of technological advances that companies should be tapping into. But there are still others that will give your company the competitive edge, whether you are operating a bakeshop or running a home cleaning service. Here are a few ideas for you to consider to take the next big leap in your digital marketing efforts.

  1. Artificial Intelligence. It doesn’t mean robots just yet. But you can have chatbots. A chatbot is an online conversation platform between customers and a messenger robot that mimics a conversation between two persons. Through natural language processing, the customer’s message is analyzed, and the chatbot responds in a non-robotic way. This process saves time when dealing with simple procedures, like handling inquiries about credit card payments.
  2. Conversational Marketing. You’re probably doing this already, but you’re just not fully aware of what it is and how it can boost your business. In a nutshell, conversational marketing is focused on getting feedback from customers when implementing marketing strategies. A marketing email campaign, with an embedded link to, for example, survey monkey, is conversational marketing. Chatbots could also be classified as conversational marketing. Chatbots on mobile devices and the quick response on the other end makes the customer’s experience more positive, even when discussing complaints.
  3. Get Personal. Generic marketing emails annoy consumers. Companies offering a more personalized experience has an 80% chance of attracting customers. Log in to Netflix and notice how they line up shows that they think you will like based on your viewing history. Amazon also knows you more than you know yourself! Just log in and see how their recommendations align with what you want. Personalizing your marketing messages is key to attracting customers.
  4. Make a video. 68% of consumers prefer to learn about a new product through video. That is a reliable approach to your digital marketing drive as experts foresee its long-term relevance. Don’t limit yourself to YouTube as well. Take advantage of the video streaming capabilities of Facebook and Twitter.

Digital marketing experts also want you to put visual search, voice search, and smart speakers on your radar. But these four key ideas are good starting points to ramp up your digital marketing campaign for 2020.

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