Better Ways to Boost Personal Hygiene and Household Cleanliness

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You might think this can be just about showering daily, flossing daily, or washing your hands as needed. While all those hygiene basics are extremely important, there are more others to be reminded of when it comes to health and cleanliness around the household. As a homemaker, you and your family deserve to live a clean and comfortable life.

Hanging your bath towel on the right spot after every use

Your towels can be easily contaminated in the bathroom with all the moisture and humidity, especially after you use them. If you have no choice but to hang them in the bathroom, be sure you have proper ventilation to get rid of excess moisture and avoid mold. Still, if you have a choice, it’s best to hang your towels in rooms with proper exhaustion.

It’s always better to hang your towels on a bar instead of a hook. And now that it’s out there, the ideal frequency you should wash your towels is after every three uses. If you use them after your gym sessions, it’s best to launder them immediately.

Not rinsing your teeth after brushing them

Dentists say you get rid of the substances on the toothpaste that help your teeth when you rinse them with water after toothbrushing. So it’s best to just spit out the excess toothpaste after you brush your teeth.

While we’re on the topic, be sure to not over-brush your teeth. The ideal times you should be twice a day. No more, no less.

Cleaning your ears just the right amount of times

Many people use Q-tips to clean their ears every day. Turns out it’s not ideal to wipe off ear wax every day because if nothing has left, nothing can protect your inner ear from dirt, germs, and bacteria from entering. If you get rid of ear wax too often, there’s a higher chance for you to form foreign bodies forming inside your ear and you might need a ear wax microsuction to get rid of them. Worse, you might develop an ear infection.

Ideally, your ears don’t need frequent cleaning, but the least you can do is clean them with a Q-tip at least every other day or thrice a week. Make sure not to push too deep and keep a gentle hand as you wipe off excess wax. Don’t use any skin cleansing products.

Leaving tampons or pads for too long

Okay, gentlemen, you can skip this and move on to the next item.

Ladies, even when the packaging of your pads, panty liners, and tampons says you can leave them on for six to eight hours, it’s still important to change them as often as you need to. It depends on your flow, environment, and how much you move throughout the day. Even if you don’t have a heavy flow, sweat and other discharges can contaminate your skin down there. What’s worse is you can get various types of bacterial infections. So, again, change as much as you need to, and don’t let six hours go by without changing.

Replacing your kitchen sponge as often as needed

You depend on sponges to get rid of the grit and grime off dishes, countertops, and clean up the kitchen sink and microwave. When you use sponges this often, you must remind yourself to replace them. It collects an unbelievable amount of germs and bacteria that can make you and your family sick. It can then contaminate the surfaces and your kitchen tools and utensils, which is why you must also sanitize your countertops every day.

Learning more about proper food storage

Refrigeration, heat protection, wrapping, and using the right containers are just as important as all other aspects of food preparation and handling. One of the things in the household your family’s health and safety depends on is how you store food. With proper practice, you can prevent many types of misfortunes, such as food poisoning and bacteria growth all over your kitchen.

Washing your beddings frequently
bed bug in a bed sheet

As obvious as it is, washing your bed sheets is just as important as washing your clothes. The ideal frequency of washing them is once every one to two weeks. If not, you welcome bacteria, fungus, dust mites, and more foreign bodies that can make you sick since bacteria multiply rapidly. This can lead to a staph infection and can escalate to severe outcomes, such as septicemia. Showering before bed also prevents you from catching unwanted bacteria.

There is nothing more important than looking out for your family and keeping them from any unhealthy and unhygienic habits. You’re never wrong for wanting to improve your household cleanliness.

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