Internet Trends for Vintage Part 2

Business of Vintage Internet Trends

if you missed part 1 click here Internet Trends Report   If you missed part 1, click here to read Internet Trends for Vintage part 1.   Who is Mary Meeker?  She creates this report yearly. She’s been right about these trends for 5 years now (check how long) and has repeatedly predicted where what would go. You can read more about her by clicking here.  What does this mean for vintage business?  I’m going to pull out some of the

Internet Trends for Vintage Part 1

What's hot in vintage right now? Selling vintage jewelry online or at a vintage market.

Internet Trends Report Admittedly I didn’t hear about this report until Summer 2016. I learned, if you build apps or have anything to do with Silicon Valley, your business depends on this info. A new app can take 18 months to complete and if you were catering to something that’s declining, PROJECT OVER.     This report isn’t only about Silicon Valley. This report is serious. Even in the vintage business, it applies.     The Internet isn’t going anywhere. If

Estate Sale Suprise

Estate Sale Suprise Gaetano Sciolari Vintage Mid Century Midcentury Modern Cubist Chandelier

A few years ago we saw an estate sale advertised that had hundreds of pictures of antiques. The pictures showed lots of 1/4 sawn oak furniture, cobalt decorated crocks, slag glass shaded lamps, rustics and other small dust catchers. It looked like the inside of a rural antique mall, obvious long time collectors.    Since it was close we thought we’d take a look. Sometimes, when there is a wide variety of collectibles, something falls through the cracks. I don’t remember

The #1 Most Important Business Tip

Business of Vintage requires rest and relaxation, this is my rock garden.

Since I became an entrepreneur, there’s been little time for rest. I’ve been working since I was 15, I’m used to being busy.  Owning your own business is different than just working. Working is going to the job, doing your piece and coming home.  Owning your own business means you are ALWAYS working. Taking care of my mental health so I can be more productive has become key. I’m about to tell you a few things that for years, if

5 Ways to Get to know your Customers Better

Business of Vintage, get to know your customers when you are selling vintage at a flea market.

 Sell vintage locally and it gives you the chance to meet your customer.   In person at a market or having a booth in a mall give you opportunity to get to know vintage lovers, just like you,  face to face. Here are 5 things you can do to make your booth one of their first stops at the next market. 1.  What’s your name? Especially if you’ve seen this person in your booth several times.  Start with your own

Should I take this offer?

Business of VIntage Corona Typewriter. Learn all about the business of vintage

Ebay’s been around a while now.  In 1995 they gave us a platform to sell things on.  We started selling 1998 and have always had a love/hate relationship with Ebay.  After 18 years of selling, nothing has come up yet that has the numbers.  Ebay is still ruling over any other site that sells vintage in terms of how many people come to the site. Today it’s more love than hate.  We follow the rules, over-describe, take all returns for