Sell vintage locally and it gives you the chance to meet your customer.  

In person at a market or having a booth in a mall give you opportunity to get to know vintage lovers, just like you,  face to face.

Here are 5 things you can do to make your booth one of their first stops at the next market.

1.  What's your name?

Especially if you've seen this person in your booth several times.  Start with your own name, "Hi, I'm Melissa, I know I've seen you here before, what's your name?"  "Nice to meet you."  It's simple.  If you really want to get fancy, take their pic and make note of their name.

2. Ask open ended questions.

Stay away from yes or no question, it won't get you anywhere.  An open ended question on the other hand, could get you a lasting connection.   Where do you live? What's your favorite type of vintage.  What do you collect?

3. Ask Why

What do you love about this dress? Purse? Whatever item a customer seems to be really interested in. Let them explain.  Best way to keep them talking is ask WHY.  Keep up the conversation and the chances of making a lasting impression they'll remember will be much greater.

4. Don't ask if they are looking for anything special.

It's a yes or no question.  I always answer this question with NO.  It's easier.  Every department store clerk I've ever run into has asked me this question.  I say no almost every time.  Also I answer, are you finding everything OK with yes, whether I am or not.

5.  Have them fill out of the top of your receipt book with their name, address and email.

When you make a sale, use this info to send them a cute thank you note IN THE MAIL.  Like a real one made of paper.
In that note, make sure your contact info is there and the place they can view your schedule. Where they can find you next.
Business of Vintage, get to know your customers when you are selling vintage at a flea market.
5 Ways to Get to know your Customers Better