Estate Sale

A few years ago we saw an estate sale advertised that had hundreds of pictures of antiques. The pictures showed lots of 1/4 sawn oak furniture, cobalt decorated crocks, slag glass shaded lamps, rustics and other small dust catchers. It looked like the inside of a rural antique mall, obvious long time collectors. 
Since it was close we thought we'd take a look. Sometimes, when there is a wide variety of collectibles, something falls through the cracks. I don't remember if they had numbers or not, but I remember the ladies running the sale instructed everyone to stand behind the imaginary line in the middle of the driveway. We were soon lined up like the start of a marathon.
At 10 minutes to opening the front door opens and the garage door goes up.  As everyone is standing around, the silence is broke by the horrible screech of one of the ladies dragging this Gaetano Sciolari cubist chandelier to the middle of the garage floor! Melissa and I stood there stunned.  We decided I would go for the chandelier and she would go in the house through the front door.
As inconspicuous as possible I tried to see if anyone was eyeballing it, because everyone certainly heard it. Then a lady appeared at the door and said "Ok". I briskly started walking to the garage with the longest strides I could muster. I was the first to reach the fixture. I looked down at it and it's $40 price tag and said, "I'll take it!". I then looked up to realize , I was pretty much the only one in the garage. You know why? 
Everyone was there for antiques.
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