Internet Trends Report

Admittedly I didn't hear about this report until Summer 2016. I learned, if you build apps or have anything to do with Silicon Valley, your business depends on this info. A new app can take 18 months to complete and if you were catering to something that's declining, PROJECT OVER.  
This report isn't only about Silicon Valley. This report is serious. Even in the vintage business, it applies.  
The Internet isn't going anywhere. If you plan to sell vintage on the side or as a full-time job in 10 years, you need to know what direction to go. 

Before we dive deeper, remember, no one is late to this party. The internet hasn't even been around 20 years. If you aren't there yet, don't worry, you absolutely can be.  

Internet use is growing at a the speed of light. Everyone uses it, even Mom is on Facebook. 55+ is the fastest growing segment in the US on social media. 

I've been in the business of promoting vintage shows since 2009.  I am also a buyer and seller.  

It's true. Shows aren't like they used to be. BUT it's not because everyone is buying online. I've heard it, eBay blew it too. I'll tell you why vintage and antique shows have changed later, but I promise the Internet isn't why. 
85% of consumer buying is still being done face-to-face. That means there are opportunities for us as vintage sellers in person and online. 
In the year 2001 sales online were at 2%.  In 2017 it's grown to 15% and with it brings opportunity.  It will climb faster and faster each year. Some shopping experiences are always going to be great locally and online. Some local shops won't make it. Vintage as a business has the potential to reach both markets.   

You have to up your game to stay in the Business of Vintage.   

The 2016 Internet Trends Report told the story of how images and video are coming. The 2017 Internet Trends Report confirmed that trend and went even further. 
 These reports can help our businesses.

In part 2, we'll talk about how.

Does it surprise you that in 2016 85% of sales of goods were still being done in person? Let me know in the comments--
BOV selling at a vintage flea market
BOV Business of Vintage Selling vintage jewelry
BOV Business of Vintage Selling vintage and books.
Internet Trends for Vintage Part 1