Who is Mary Meeker?  She creates this report yearly. She's been right about these trends for 5 years now (check how long) and has repeatedly predicted where what would go. You can read more about her by clicking here. 

What does this mean for vintage business? 

I'm going to pull out some of the highlights to tell you what I think are key pieces to thriving in our industry in 2027.
Meeker's 2016 report shows that within five years over 50% of all searches will be with images or voice.  Visuals are becoming more and more critical every month to all businesses. The 2017 report that came out June 1 continues down the visuals road.  


Is being picked up by Google in the search results and it's the only social media that is getting picked up by Google. Pinterest inspires those to pick items to wear or use or decorate with!  Vintage is an important part of that and getting familiar with Pinterest for Business is critical. 


We don't read the way we used to via a computer screen.  Pay attention to how stories are actually formatted.  Lots of white space, small paragraphs.  We've become a country of skimmers.  If you want people to read what you write, learn about writing copy for the internet. 

Everyone is online now.  You can't get aways with being sloppy and playing dumb. 

The time has come to learn to type an email correctly.  Write an email like you would speak to someone in person except way shorter.  As more and more transactions occur on online you will need to build trust. Reputation with your customers starts with how you communicate with them.  Simple and clean. 

Understand the use of all caps or the nonuse of it.  

 Do you plan to still sell vintage part or full time in 10 years?  In 2027 if you plan to be in business, I'm going to dive deep into the trends that are important to the business of vintage. 

Biggest takeaway?  

The internet isn't going away.  There is no excuse to not get up to speed. Your business will become obsolete, not the internet.  
Internet Trends for Vintage Part 2