Since I became an entrepreneur, there's been little time for rest.

I've been working since I was 15, I'm used to being busy.  Owning your own business is different than just working. Working is going to the job, doing your piece and coming home.  Owning your own business means you are ALWAYS working.

Taking care of my mental health so I can be more productive has become key.

I'm about to tell you a few things that for years, if you'd have suggested them to me, I'd have laughed.  I thought I'd never forget a name or face, an idea or a conversation.  It happens now, ALL THE TIME.   Your brain has only so much capacity to be productive. Figuring out how yours works is key. 1

  1. Sleep. It's important, protect it and plan for it. Make sure you get what you need. 
  2. Find your most productive time of day and use it to it's fullest.  I work best from 5am-10am. I protect that time from distractions. 
  3. Most important tip, take time for you.  See the video below! 

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The #1 Most Important Business Tip