Internet Trends for Vintage Part 2

Business of Vintage Internet Trends

if you missed part 1 click here Internet Trends Report   If you missed part 1, click here to read Internet Trends for Vintage part 1.   Who is Mary Meeker?  She creates this report yearly. She’s been right about these trends for 5 years now (check how long) and has repeatedly predicted where what would go. You can read more about her by clicking here.  What does this mean for vintage business?  I’m going to pull out some of the

Leave Millennials alone.

Father's Day Dads at Vintage Garage Chicago. Millennials LOVE vintage!

 Stop blaming Millennials. They are’t destroying the vintage industry. Who’s your customer in 2029? Before I tell you, do you know who your customer is now? BOTH are the same, Millennials. Since I started working shows, the awesome customer of days passed is still with us- in theory.   It was always better “back in the day.” It’s true.  More money was spent on antiques and collectibles.  Customers saw the history, quality and value.  Their parents took them to flea markets.