Owning an antique shop sucks, For ME

My experience as a vintage store owner and how to sell vintage or decided you want to open a vintage shop.

Part 2-  My Experience as an antique store owner if you missed part 1 click here In Part 1, I told you about my experience opening a store in Metro Detroit, and some of the things I wasn’t prepared for. Now.. let’s talk about what I know now and what I wish I’d known. What should I have done?   Done the math.  How much was this going to cost, on paper. Then double it.  I remember thinking, oh that rent

We Want Your Parents Stuff: Vintage is NOT DEAD.

Millennials Love vintage at Vintage Garage Chicago and shop monthly at the show.

IKEA You Not. We Want Your Parent’s Stuff: A Vintage Response By Melissa Sands with Duane Scott Cerny   For 24 months there has been an influx of articles about how nobody wants their parent’s old stuff. Every time I see this and read how IKEA has killed our industry, I wonder how much two years of misinformation from influential publications has hurt the vintage and secondhand industry.   We are a niche market without the marketing budget of IKEA.

Vintage Q&A What’s HOT in vintage right now?

What's hot in vintage right now? Selling vintage jewelry online or at a vintage market.

 Q- Could you please put into perspective the average age of certain objects have to be in order to consider them vintage?   Certain decades old, A particular era? What is most in demand? Jewelry? All types of glassware, depression, carnival, plates, bakelite, milkglass, European? A- Complicated questions but here goes–  I consider anything 25 years or older with demand vintage. That means, it has to be 1994 or older and someone has to actually want it.   Objects from

Is the Vintage Business Dying?

Business of vintage, selling at a vintage flea market

Yesterday, I was taken off guard by the question, “do you think the vintage business is dying or changing?”  Almost too fast, i answered,  “Changing!”  I thought about it all night. When I woke up I asked myself the question again.  Yes, it’s changing. It’s changed.   BEFORE  As the promoter of a show, you bring in dealers and promote to bring in customers.  That was the job. That was when booth rents were $500+ for a weekend. There was