5 Things to Never Say to a Vintage Seller

5 things to never say to a vintage seller. Business of vintage

Heading to your local flea market this weekend? Selling at your local market this weekend? Here are 5 things NOT to say to a vintage seller f you are standing in their booth.  For sellers, here are 5 ways to react ! 1. That’s Hilarious I hear this a lot, I say it a lot.  There IS a lot of hilarious vintage. It can bring you back to a time you remember. Or, it’s so dated it’s just damn funny.

The #1 Most Important Business Tip

Business of Vintage requires rest and relaxation, this is my rock garden.

Since I became an entrepreneur, there’s been little time for rest. I’ve been working since I was 15, I’m used to being busy.  Owning your own business is different than just working. Working is going to the job, doing your piece and coming home.  Owning your own business means you are ALWAYS working. Taking care of my mental health so I can be more productive has become key. I’m about to tell you a few things that for years, if