Vintage Q&A What's Hot?

 Q- Could you please put into perspective the average age of certain objects have to be in order to consider them vintage?   Certain decades old, A particular era? What is most in demand? Jewelry? All types of glassware, depression, carnival, plates, bakelite, milkglass, European?

A- Complicated questions but here goes--  I consider anything 25 years or older with demand vintage. That means, it has to be 1992 or older and someone has to actually want it.   Objects from the 1980's and 1990's are beginning to pick up in terms of collectibility and use making them more in demand.  

In my opinion, vintage fashion, clothing, jewelry and accessories along with Midcentury Modern in every category is what is hot right now.  

Both vintage fashion and midcentury have all price ranges and can be collected on different levels.   Designer named pieces in these areas will command higher prices.  In vintage jewelry that can mean anyone from Miriam Haskell to Chanel.  In Midcentury, furniture can be designed by someone like Vladimar Kagan or Milo Baughman.  

You can buy high end European Midcentury or unsigned pieces made in the era for less.  If you know who made it, it can help value.  

 There are also wonderful things out there in fashion and in midcentury that are really affordable and can be worn, used or collected for any budget.  Once something was popular you can assume it was knocked off by someone and made cheaper.   This can still be collectible but who made it first is always best.  

Unfortunately depression glass, milk glass and all kind of dishes, china and glassware are at the bottom of the demand scale.   This was all hot when I got into the business 18 years ago.  I predict many collections will be or are already hitting the streets via estate sales, ebay and stores (if anyone will take it).   Sure, it's all vintage but demand has dropped and supply has increased, decreasing it's value.

 This is also the stuff our parents think is valuable and it's because it was THEN.  Baby Boomers were antiquers and loved to decorate their homes with magnificent pieces and there are plenty of "investment" pieces that aren't going to bring what was paid for them or even close.  I've heard this a bit in the estate world.  You have collectors or inheritors who think they have something their parents said not to throw out and is worth a lot of money.  

Times and trends change in the vintage and antique world, just like all other industries.  Buy because you love it. Buy something so you can use it or wear it and enjoy it.  Don't buy things as "investments" and assume because it had value once, today it should have more value.  

It's all about who wants it.  Today, it's about Midcentury and vintage fashion.  

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Vintage Q&A What’s HOT in vintage right now?